How to: Setup IP Blocklist Providers in Exchange 2007 upwards

When setting up an Exchange server 2007 upwards to be used also as a blocklist or antispam, you must set the IP Blocklist Providers so as to get that extra protection. This is applicable if you have an Edge or standard Exchange configuration. Here’s how.

On Microsoft Exchange Server (No Edge)
Open the Exchange Mangement Console
Goto Organization Configuration
Click on the Hub Transport
Click on the Anti-spam tab
Double click on the IP Block List Providers

On Microsoft Exchange Edge
Open the Exchange Mangement Console
Click on Edge Transport
Select the server and click on the Anti-spam tab
Double click on the IP Block List Providers

On the Providers tab click on the Add button
Enter the provider name and DNS suffix as below
Click OK

General Providers used (Name/DNS Suffix)
SpamHaus /
SpamCop /
Surriel /

Once done, this can also be confirmed by using the Exchange Management Shell and typing Get-IPBlockListProvider.

To test a provider using the Exchange Management Shell, type the below keeping in mind to change the to an existent IP address. If the IP address is not listed you will get a false. Of course you can also change the provider by replacing the SpamHaus with the name of the provider you configured.

Test-IPBlockListProvider -Identity SpamHause -IPAddress

The log file of the agents including the AntiSpam agents can be found in the below location:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\TransportRoles\Logs\AgentLog

If you wish to use the Exchange Management Shell to input your Provider’s List, here is an example of how to do it. Keep a note of the priority when adding additional providers.

Add-IPBlockListProvider -Name "SpamHaus" -LookupDomain "" -Priority 1