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Microsoft 365 online archive never starts

When having a user mailbox, you enable the online archive mailbox and set the archive policy, but the emails never move from the user mailbox to the online archive. You run the full crawl with PowerShell but nothing happens.

The problem could be that the Retention Hold is enabled. This can be fixed by running the below.

Get-Mailbox "<email address of user>" | Select RetentionHoldEnabled

This will show if the feature is enabled. Run the following command to remove the Retention Hold flag.

Set-Mailbox "<email address of user>" -RetentionHoldEnabled $false

Once this is complete, run the following command to re-run the job.

Start-ManagedFolderAssistant -Identity "<email address of user>" -FullCrawl

After some time you should see the archive being populated.

Fix Remote server returned ‘550 5.7.520 Access denied, Your organization does not allow external forwarding

This is a security feature from Microsoft 365 where it will block emails from being forwarded outside the tenant. If you get such a message, this means that the recipient has forwarding set outside its tenant. To allow this feature, follow the below guide.

Open the Office 365 Admin Center and click on Security.

Under Email & Collaboration, click on Policies & Rules.

Click on Threat Policies.

Click on Anti-Spam under Policies.

Click on Anti-spam outbound policy (Default).
Scroll down and click on Edit protection settings.
Under Forwarding Rules, change the Automatic forwarding rules from Automatic – System-controlled to On – Forwarding is enabled.
Click on Save.