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Fix: AzCopy.exe Could not finish the operation within specified timeout

When uploading files or PST files to Office 365 using AzCopy.exe, during the upload using Microsoft’s PST Import service you might have the frustrating error saying “The client could not finish the operation within specified timeout“. On the command prompt it will be seen as stuck on saying 0 files uploaded with a transfer speed of 0 KB/s. I literally spent hours trying to find out why my PST files do not upload to Office 365.

This can be fixed by lowering the concurrent operations with the import services. After looking at the option which is /NC option to either 2 or 1 depending on the internet connection upload speed. To be safe, in my case I have setup the NC as 1.

Here’s an example of how the command prompt will look like.

AzCopy.exe /source:\\My-Server\PST /dest:https://12345ab67cd89e0fg123h45.blob.core.windows.net/ingestiondata/Company/PST /destkey:jhdfasdfnasdnflasjkdfnjklsdanflasdfn/nfasdjkfnasdjklfnsjkladnfasjkldfnsdjklf== /S /V:d:\PST_Upload\upload.log /NC:1


How to: Increase OWA timeout for Exchange 2010 and 2007

Though it’s a good security feature to timeout users by default, one can have some issues with people using just OWA to read their mail having to enter the password every 5 minutes. So here’s how to increase the timeout.

By default the Public timeout is 15 minutes where as the Private timeout is of 8 hours.

If you would like to change these simply do the following.

Open registry editor
Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesMSExchange OWA
Create new DWORD named PrivateTimeout
Create new DWORD named PublicTimeout
Now, enter the decimal value in the DWORDs created as required.

Note: The DWORDs entries are in minutes