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Fix: Hyper-V backup General access denied error (0x80070005)

When taking a backup using Windows Server Backup and during the backup you get an error as below

Writer Failures
Writer Id: {1072AE1C-E5A7-4EA1-9E4A-6F7964656570}
Instance Id: {017311EA-59CE-4B2E-830C-558BE6CEB39A}
Writer Name: Cluster Shared Volume
VSS Writer Writer State: 5
Failure Result: 80042336
Application Result: 80004005
Application Message: (null)
Component: BE389042-38BD-483E-9FD9-7E0F4CA466E466841cd4-6ded-4f4b-8f17-fd23f8ddc3de:c336e204-fbe8-46a4-a80d-faed6edafd94:SRVDCHVS02
Logical Path: (null)
Component Result: 800423F4 Component Message: Could not create backup checkpoint for virtual machine 'HYPDCORA01': General access denied error (0x80070005). (Virtual machine ID BE389042-38BD-483E-9FD9-7E0F4CA466E4) File Spec: C:\ClusterStorage\Volume1\virtual_machines\HYPDCORA01\Virtual Machines\\BE389042-38BD-483E-9FD9-7E0F4CA466E4.xml Recursive: 0 File Spec: C:\ClusterStorage\Volume1\virtual_machines\HYPDCORA01\Virtual Hard Disks\\HYPDCORA01.vhdx Recursive: 0 File Spec: C:\ClusterStorage\Volume2\\Oracle_Data.vhdx Recursive: 0 File Spec: C:\ClusterStorage\Volume1\virtual_machines\HYPDCORA01\Snapshots\\BE389042-38BD-483E-9FD9-7E0F4CA466E4-BackupSnapshot.xml Recursive: 0 File Spec: C:\ClusterStorage\Volume1\virtual_machines\HYPDCORA01\Virtual Hard Disks\\HYPDCORA01-ChildVhd.avhdx Recursive: 0 File Spec: C:\ClusterStorage\Volume2\\Oracle_Data-ChildVhd.avhdx Recursive: 0

After some research I found that it can be easily fixed. The issue occurs because most probably you have created a Shared volume and the VHDX file or Virtual Drive is in the root of the volume. To fix this, create a new folder called ‘Virtual Drives’ or whatever you wish and move the Virtual Drives onto that folder.

Restart the backup process and the issue will not occur


Fix: NTBackup fails with 0x8004231f on Windows 2003 Server

When attempting to make a full server backup with Shadow Copy and everything, you may notice the error 0x8004231f whenever you try to affect a backup on your server. This is 99% due to space on one of your hard drives. There is not enough space for the Volume Shadow Copy to create a shadow copy of the files in the drive.

The full error looks like this:

Volume shadow copy creation: Attempt 1.
Error returned while creating the volume shadow copy:0x8004231f.
Error returned while creating the volume shadow copy:8004231f Aborting Backup

To fix this, you may want to either delete or move unecessary folders or files from the drive in question… or look at the Volume Shadow Copies configuration.

Right-Click on the drive and select Properties
Click on the Shadow Copies Tab
Click on the drive you are having problems
Click on Setting button

At this stage you may review the Shadow Copy storage use by increasing or decreasing the limit in MB. Once you have enough disk space for the Shadow Copy on the drive in question, run the NTBackup again and it will not cause any issues.