How to: Move mail queue to another server in Exchange

When having an Exchange server failing and you need to move your current mail in the queue which is stuck or the server is failing, you will need to export the queue and import it to another working Exchange server. This is how to do it.

– Open a Powershell on the source server
– Type $array = @(Get-Message -Queue "QueueName" -ResultSize unlimited)
– Type $array | ForEach-Object {$i++;Export-Message $_.Iden.ty |
AssembleMessage -Path ("c:\MyMailQueues\"+ $i +".eml")}

This will export all the mail in the queue specified in the ‘QueueName’ into the folder c:\MyMailQueues. From now copy the EML files created, into the other server’s Transport Pickup folder. The emails should be instantly be processed.


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