How to: Install Hyper-V environment on top of ESXi 5.1 onwards

Of course, mainly this post is related to testing environments where you would need to setup a Hyper-V Cluster on one ESXi virtual server. So we start off by creating the virtual machine as per instructions below.

Create new Virtual Machine
Select Custom type
Enter the name of the Virtual Machine
Select Virtual Machine Version 8

As Guest Operating System select Other
As Version Select Other (64-bit)
Select 2 virtual sockets
Select 2 cores per virtual socket
On the Network Connections select the E1000E as the adapter type

Select the LSI Logic SAS as SCSI Controller

Finish answering any other questions required to create the Virtual Machine. Once it has been created and placed into your inventory, do the following modifications.

Right click on the machine and click on Edit Settings
Go to Options tab and click on General under Advanced Node
Click on the Configuration Parameters button

Click on Add Row
As the name, enter hypervisor.cpuid.v0
As the value enter FALSE

Now under the Options Tab, click on General Options
Change the version of the OS to VMWare ESXi 5.x (Experimental)

Press OK to apply the changes, when ready right-click on the server and select Upgrade Virtual Hardware

Now browse the data-store and edit the VMX file of the virtual Machine

On the guestOS parameter enter "winhyperv"

At the very end of the file enter the below line:

featMask.vm.hv.capable = "Min:1"

Now upload the edited VMX file. Start the machine and install Hyper-V and virtual machines.


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