Fix: Cannot run or delete a job in SQL after changing sa password

After changing the password of the SA or the user which is in charge of running jobs on the SQL server, the jobs will not work and you will not be able to delete the jobs with the error ‘Login failed for user SA‘. This can temporary solved by changing the SA or the user used password back to it’s original state and delete the job, but still you will not be able to run the job.

To solve this permanently you have to open the ‘Management Studio’, right-click on the job and select ‘Modify’. Click on the ‘Manage Connections’ and replace the username and password on each connection if you have more than the default one using the new password that you have recently changed.

This modification you have to do it for every-time you change the password of the ‘sa’ or user you use to run the jobs in the Manage Connections.


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