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Fix: Hyper-V backup General access denied error (0x80070005)

When taking a backup using Windows Server Backup and during the backup you get an error as below

Writer Failures
Writer Id: {1072AE1C-E5A7-4EA1-9E4A-6F7964656570}
Instance Id: {017311EA-59CE-4B2E-830C-558BE6CEB39A}
Writer Name: Cluster Shared Volume
VSS Writer Writer State: 5
Failure Result: 80042336
Application Result: 80004005
Application Message: (null)
Component: BE389042-38BD-483E-9FD9-7E0F4CA466E466841cd4-6ded-4f4b-8f17-fd23f8ddc3de:c336e204-fbe8-46a4-a80d-faed6edafd94:SRVDCHVS02
Logical Path: (null)
Component Result: 800423F4 Component Message: Could not create backup checkpoint for virtual machine 'HYPDCORA01': General access denied error (0x80070005). (Virtual machine ID BE389042-38BD-483E-9FD9-7E0F4CA466E4) File Spec: C:\ClusterStorage\Volume1\virtual_machines\HYPDCORA01\Virtual Machines\\BE389042-38BD-483E-9FD9-7E0F4CA466E4.xml Recursive: 0 File Spec: C:\ClusterStorage\Volume1\virtual_machines\HYPDCORA01\Virtual Hard Disks\\HYPDCORA01.vhdx Recursive: 0 File Spec: C:\ClusterStorage\Volume2\\Oracle_Data.vhdx Recursive: 0 File Spec: C:\ClusterStorage\Volume1\virtual_machines\HYPDCORA01\Snapshots\\BE389042-38BD-483E-9FD9-7E0F4CA466E4-BackupSnapshot.xml Recursive: 0 File Spec: C:\ClusterStorage\Volume1\virtual_machines\HYPDCORA01\Virtual Hard Disks\\HYPDCORA01-ChildVhd.avhdx Recursive: 0 File Spec: C:\ClusterStorage\Volume2\\Oracle_Data-ChildVhd.avhdx Recursive: 0

After some research I found that it can be easily fixed. The issue occurs because most probably you have created a Shared volume and the VHDX file or Virtual Drive is in the root of the volume. To fix this, create a new folder called ‘Virtual Drives’ or whatever you wish and move the Virtual Drives onto that folder.

Restart the backup process and the issue will not occur